Sunday, March 29, 2009

The intro: Me, my Mom & a Whistle, the movie!

The start of a great thing!!
Ok, so now I'm starting active preproduction for "Me, my Mom, and a Whistle", script by Lisa Meuser (Muses Productions) and directed by Gemini Nominated Scott Eldridge.

As you might be able to tell, I'm pretty excited! This looks like it's going to be utterly amazing!

I've been putting together a fabulous package:
Lisa is a successful playwright, who's adapted the screenplay from her own sold out stage play of the same name.
I've gotten the rights to my favourite Good Lovelies' song (
and signed multi-award winning cinematographer Nena Toth.
I'm in negotiations with another band to get a song written for the opening credits.

We're currently preparing for 2 days of auditions, and already the quality of applications is stunning! At the risk of sounding like I appprove of the current econimic situation, hard times does seem to mean better actors applying for low budget indies, probably because the big funding entities are so nervous right now.

Check us out at ( And at ( and (

We're looking into as much private investment and as few government hoops as possible. With all the cuts to Arts funding that have been done, and more being discussed, as well as the ever-changing qualifications, it just seems so much easier to do without the big boys. Not to mention it's a chance for investors to make money off of what is bound to be a great comedy.

If you're interested in helping fund the development or getting your name in the credits, go to (
If you want to submit music for consideration for the soundtrack, go to (

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