Friday, June 19, 2009

the 12 hour auditions over, now the hard part....

So, we had the call backs-chemistry test yesterday. 12 hours + 30 actors = few decisions. Sigh.....

It's an odd complaint, but so many of the actors were so good that we still haven't narrowed it down much. Some people did better than they did at their last audition, some did worse. A couple of choices seemed obvious, and we have first and second choices for several roles, but the leads are still wide open.

While the director was down from Toronto, we made a few other decisions as well; such as how far I can go to negotiate a deal before having to check with the other producers, how much I can "give away" to get the film made, and which distributor/ marketing firm we're interested in going with.

So, a good day. And a good place to take a weekend off, if you call planting tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, & many other veggies to be a day off!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Final auditions! (I hope)

So, the "final" auditions are tomorrow. My back is nervous, another 10 hours standing up filming auditions. At least I've been there often enough to find that jewel of a restaurant; cheap, but oh so good. It's a greek hole-in-the-wall place by the Parkdale Mkt. $7 buys a chicken pita, greek salad, and pop.

As for the auditions, it was really hard to whittle it down to a maximum of four contenders for each role. While some choices (to keep or let go) were obvious, some were really agonized over.

But it should be fun, and as we're testing for chemistry between the leads, it could be surprising.

While we may not have decided on yeses yet, those unfortunate enough not to be chosen, should be getting their no's next week.

The book rises again....

So, I finally heard from the publisher (they've had it for 50 weeks!) and they apologized for the delay. Gotta love British understatement. LOL

So, they love the story, they love the characters, they love the 'voice'. They hate the ending. :(

But, at least they're willing to work with me on it, in the fall. (next time we're both free to take on more work). So, I'm still on "the list" for Cutting Edge Books, and still listed on (under a pen name)