Saturday, April 4, 2009

Genies Galore!

Paul Gross' Passchendaele wins six awards! Ce qu'il faut pour vivre/The Necessities of Life win four!
Kristen Booth wins best supporting actress for Young People F**king. I loved her acceptance speech! "I'm so fucking excited!" Then she pointed out that this was the only comedy winning an award at the Genies in years, and Canada doesn't have to be dark and depressing to be good.

Wendy Crewson presented both best actor & best actress, and used her moment in the spotlight to critisize Harper's cuts and to invite people to make their voices heard. She also joked about having an "after-party on the lawn of the PM's residence, she'd be the one standing on the overturned car, Sarah Polley would be handing out protest signs by the burning barrel." LOL

But Kristen's win gave me hope for my film. Traditionally, comedies are NOT well represented at awards functions, as they're not "serious" film. But her best supporting actress award (even if the clip they showed was a serious one, not a funny one) shows that comedies can be "serious business".

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