Friday, June 19, 2009

the 12 hour auditions over, now the hard part....

So, we had the call backs-chemistry test yesterday. 12 hours + 30 actors = few decisions. Sigh.....

It's an odd complaint, but so many of the actors were so good that we still haven't narrowed it down much. Some people did better than they did at their last audition, some did worse. A couple of choices seemed obvious, and we have first and second choices for several roles, but the leads are still wide open.

While the director was down from Toronto, we made a few other decisions as well; such as how far I can go to negotiate a deal before having to check with the other producers, how much I can "give away" to get the film made, and which distributor/ marketing firm we're interested in going with.

So, a good day. And a good place to take a weekend off, if you call planting tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, & many other veggies to be a day off!

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