Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're getting close!

Well, we should be 2 weeks to principal photography, but it looks like it'll be pushed back due to scheduling conflicts. That's ok, gives me more time for fundraising!

We have several wonderful companies on board as corporate sponsors now. They're offering everything from free locations to deep discounts on essential services. They include Beau's All Natural Brewing (, Umi Cafe (, the Highlander Pub ( and others I'm still waiting for an approved agreement from. Pay these folks back for their generous support of indie film, EAT OR DRINK there! And mention why, show them that film involvement is a great way to build their business.

We're looking at having a couple of fundraising parties; one at a popular sports bar with live music, one at a comedy club! You'll want to go to both of these events, as there'll be prizes and such in the offing.

We're planning much more than just a film; we're doing a behind the scenes mini-doc, a CD of the soundtrack music, and several music videos with the fabulous bands involved in the film. You'll definitely get your money's worth on this DVD.

Now all we need is the last bit of money. We're taking donations (what's beneath your couch cushions is fine) at, of course, we'll take more than pocket change too. We're not too proud!

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